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Golioth Thread Demo

Get a Golioth-managed Thread network up and running, including border router

Learn About Golioth

This guide is for Developers to understand the various features of Golioth and how we can assist IoT deployments. Along the way, Developers will learn skills for making resiliant IoT systems on both the embedded and Cloud side.

Learn about Thread/OpenThread

We are very interested in Thread at Golioth, not least of all because the Golioth Console and associated tools can be used to manage fleets of Thread devices (or any other devices that are IP enabled). We are showcasing how to build an entire system here, for Golioth developers to try things out.


Zephyr based Thread devices

Our users find that Zephyr RTOS provides maximum hardware control and flexibility for their client or company projects. We use Zephyr + OpenThread to create devices (nodes) that can connect through a border router to Golioth.